Jiao Cai Hotplate BBQ

Jiao Cai was started by Zhi Jie’s parents 35 years ago at Woodlands Food Centre. It was a hit with the crowd as it was considered a novelty then. His parents brought the recipes and cooking skills from Malaysia to Singapore and have improvised on both over the years. They may be one of the few who started serving Sambal BBQ Stingray on hotplates in Singapore. and have been doing so for the past three decades.

By serving seafood on a hotplate, it allows prolonged heat for the food and makes it a visual spectacle too. Only fresh seafood is used (not frozen ones). The sambal chilli and chinchalok are also homemade and based on 40-year-old recipes.  Their BBQ Sambal Stingray has an intense sambal flavor and complements the juicy fish.

Zhi Jie is only 26-years-old and used to work at DBS Bank. He decided on this career path after seeing how hard his mum works alone as a hawker. That was when he started to learn the ropes from his mum. Compliments from customers and the motivation of keeping the family business inspired him to stay in the trade.

Jiao Cai Hotplate BBQ

Tze Char

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday | 11am – 10pm