One Mouth Noodles 一口面

Mr Jim Yeow Kin Mun is part of NEA’s Incubation Program. The 39-year-old former interior designer, picked up the ropes from his father who used to sell handmade wanton noodles at a coffee shop at Temple Street. 

At Jim’s stall in Yishun Park Hawker Centre, it’s ‘mee’ time every afternoon. At 2.30pm, Jim will start making his signature wanton noodles from scratch, transforming flour and eggs to dough, and then kneading and pulling it to form noodles. The freshly-made springy noodles are air dried, and two days later, served to hungry, appreciative diners in a bowl of savoury soup filled with plump shrimp wantons, leafy greens and roasted char siew.

When asked to rate his son’s wanton noodles, Jim’s father replied with confidence that Jim’s noodles are definitely one of the better wanton noodles in Singapore, as not many stalls make their noodles from scratch.

One Mouth Noodles 一口面

Wanton Mee

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday | 9am to 8.30pm

Closed on Monday