Da San Yuan 大三圆

Da San Yuan is run by third generation hawker, Kenny Wong, 29, serving mushroom minced meat noodles (commonly known as Bak Chor Mee), fish ball noodles and laksa at Yishun Park Hawker Centre.
He is part of Timbre Group’s 1 year Incubation Program which provided rental subsidy, basic equipment sponsorship and mentorship to youths below 35 years old and aspire to run their own F&B business.
Kenny’s first encounter with the hawker scene was in 1990 where his grandparents had a fish ball noodle stall at the old Taman Serasi Hawker Centre (popularly known as “Botanic Gardens Hawker Centre”). When it closed in 2001 due to redevelopment works, the second generation continued the trade at Serangoon Garden Market, where he apprenticed and later, started his own at Yishun Park Hawker Centre with an adapted recipe to cater to Singapore’s evolving food scene.
Da San Yuan, as the name implies, serves noodles with three types of ball-shaped bites to suit the taste of the young and old. Their signature dish, Da San Yuan Mini Work, serves a mini work of flavourful soup topped with the classic fish ball, fish ball with roe, pok ball with pork filling, marinated minced meat, specialty fish cakes and egg, together with a bowl of dry-tossed noodles thats coated with Da San Yuan‘s chilli paste and fried lard.

Da San Yuan 大三圆

Bar Chor Mee

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday | 7am – 9pm
Closed on Thursday