Belanja Eat

Belanja Eat Yishun Park Hawker Centre

About Belanja Eat Project

Yishun Park Hawker Centre and our 35 hawker heroes are happy to partner Belanja Eat Project in an effort to support the community and our hawkers in this difficult times. Belanja Eat is Singaporean take on “Paying it Forward” where big-hearted customers can buy a meal (or 2) in advance for those who need a free meal.

1. For someone who needs a free meal:

  • Find a stall with Belanja Eat poster
  • Check the poster to see if there are donated meals available, they are marked with “O”
  • Ask for the belanja meal, no question asked
  • Give others a chance too; each person is encouraged to only claim 1 meal per day, and to claim from a maximum of 2 stalls.

2. For someone who wants to buy someone a meal:

  • Find a stall with Belanja Eat poster
  • See donated meal details, pass money directly to hawker and draw a circle on the chart to indicate one paid meal

How to Make An Online Donation

We encourage you to make a direct donation at the stalls in the hawker centre. However, if you wish to make an online donation instead, you may do so by making a PayNow or Bank Transfer with the amount you would like to contribute. We will pass the contribution to the selected stall once every two weeks. Yishun Park Hawker Centre will indicate the number of donated meals on stall’s Belanja Eat poster based on the contribution passed and have stallholders to acknowledge.

  1. PayNow to UEN number: 201709489N
  2. Bank Transfer to DBS 003-949309-6
  3. Indicate in Remarks: BELANJASTALLNUMBER (eg. BELANJA22 for stall 22)

List of Participating Hawkers & Items